Every Storm Passes

With more leaves covering the ground than adorning the trees of late and the air growing brisker as the days grow shorter, it was only a matter of time before the first gale of the storm season swept in over the coast of Maine. Though, in the end, its punch was lacking much in the […]

Penobscot Bay Grows Quiet

As I stood and looked out over Penobscot Bay from eighty feet above its familiar expanse on October 25th, it struck me how devoid of marine traffic the seascape had become. Of course summer is but a memory now, and even the last of autumn’s colorful personality is falling rapidly to the ground, but accepting […]

Morning Color Delight

As I stood upon the sands of Lincolnville Beach on the morning of October 22nd, I found myself assessing the cloud cover and wondering if it just might allow some morning cheer to dance across the bay before the gray curtain in the sky lowered altogether. For on this day, though the clouds were forecast […]

Breath of Winter

With the month of March upon us, it doesn’t take much coaxing to start dreaming of yellows and greens, with thoughts of blossoms and warmer air filling in the gaps of our minds left drab by a winter season neither all that white nor memorable. Try as it might, winter has simply not been able […]

Colorful Vibrancy Radiates During Uninspiring Winter

With the month of January about to take its leave of us, I looked back upon the weeks passed and contemplated a time period traditionally laden with snow and ice – a time when Arctic air holds the Maine coast within its tightest grip of the year. However, if the evidence to date is destined […]

When the Winter Sea Burns Frigid

In paradox-like fashion, winter is the one season of the year where the harsher its conditions become the more spectacular beauty it renders. Winter’s icy grip can be gentle enough to coax moisture-laden clouds into yielding a treasure-trove of crystal flakes, yet powerful enough to arrest the fidgety reaches of the tide in a frozen […]

When a Working Harbor meets Leisure

The heartbeat of Rockland Harbor’s working waterfront never stops. This traditional connection to the sea not only keeps pace with the rhythmic tides of time, it thrives in a world of seaborne activity that ensures its signature sense of place remains ever-vibrant. From lobster boats and fishing trawlers to ferries and barges – windjammers, sailboats […]

The Majesty of Sail Sparkles on Penobscot Bay

Summer by the sea yields a host of unforgettable scenes, but few are more captivating than the sight of dignified windjammers under full sail. Pursuing the irresistible lure of the winds, these vessels ply Maine’s open waters with a blend of presence, power and grace unrivaled by any other craft or ship. For when a […]

Contrasting Colors Wage a Turf War in the Morning Sky

With the weather forecast calling for clear skies overnight, the family and I decided to rise and shine early on July 24th and take in a sunrise over Rockland Harbor. Waking up at 4:15 am on Sunday morning, I looked out the window of our home and noticed a surprise – an envelope of formidable […]

Fog Steals the Show

As my family and I were out and about doing some errands on the evening of July 2, 2011, we noticed that the late afternoon sky was setting up nicely for a possible sunset delight over Rockland Harbor. High, wispy clouds stretched out across the blue firmament, displaying a delicate texture that seemed perfect for […]