Marshall Point – A Favorite Place to Visit

Marshall Point Photo GalleryMarshall Point in Port Clyde is home to one of Maine’s most quintessential looking light stations, possessing an irresistible allure and charm that beckons many landlubbers to come near.

Though it stands at the edge of the sea, the lighthouse is quite “personable” thanks to a wooden walkway that enables visitors to go right up to the sentinel, stand in its shadow – and yes, even retrace the footsteps of Forrest Gump along the way!

Yet there is so much more to this special place than just the lighthouse. For my family and me – and countless others as well, the site embodies the notion of serenity by the sea, with summertime having the most to offer in colorful and soul-soothing experiences that forever linger as fond memories.

Marshall Point Light - Winter Sunset

© Bob Trapani, Jr.

It is during this season that a hardworking fleet of lobster boats bustle to and fro on Muscongus Bay, windjammers sail majestically upon sparkling waters, and the vessels that serve as the connection from Port Clyde to Monhegan Island – some ten miles off the mainland, transport many an enthusiastic visitor to a one-of-a-kind Maine paradise.

On land, visitors, artists, picnickers, and those simply seeking a moment of tranquility at Marshall Point, have a front row seat to this dynamic seascape throughout the delightful days of summer.

Marshall Point Lighthouse in snowstorm

© Bob Trapani, Jr.

The charm of the light station and its surroundings may be appreciated most during the carefree months of warm breezes and lazy sunsets, but the fascination that embraces Marshall Point is hardly confined to stretches of comfortable weather.

In fact, when the air begins to chill, the winds grow more persuasive and the skies become deeper in color, the mystique of Marshall Point transitions from charming to dramatic. It is during this time of year when the lighthouse seems to best punctuate the scene at water’s edge as its steady light aglow inspires a sense of reassurance against a backdrop of uncertainty whose realm stretches out beyond it.

Marshall Point Lighthouse at dusk

© Bob Trapani, Jr.

Drama on the seascape takes center stage as late fall melds into winter and the curtain of serenity is lifted with the appearances of the howling northeast gale and its icy winds, blinding snow and angry seas that pound the rockbound coast mercilessly. This is when Marshall Point becomes a place enveloped by an aura of mystery that must be experienced to fully appreciate.

The saying, “time and the tides wait for no man,” thankfully do not apply to the charm and lure of Marshall Point, for this special place does await your visit no matter the season and its lighthouse will “leave the light on for you!”

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