Every Storm Passes

With more leaves covering the ground than adorning the trees of late and the air growing brisker as the days grow shorter, it was only a matter of time before the first gale of the storm season swept in over the coast of Maine. Though, in the end, its punch was lacking much in the […]

Where have you been my Frosty Friend?

The calendar was moving towards mid-January and still winter had not blown great guns during a season it usually holds tight in a grip of frozen mire. Missing was the shriek of the bitter northeast gale, and the fitful snows that ride fast and furious on its shoulders. Absent too were thick blankets of ice […]

A Look Back at Irene along Midcoast Maine

A little over a week has passed since Hurricane Irene swept up the Eastern Seaboard, wreaking havoc from the Outer Banks of North Carolina to Vermont. But this passage of time has done little to dull the storm’s devastating toll exacted on many communities, which still weighs heavy on the lives of countless people – and will for […]

Storm Warning Inspires a Look Back at the Patriots Day Gale Four Years Ago

The National Weather Service has issued a storm warning along the Maine coast for April 16, 2011 (and into the 17th) as a strong southeast flow bears down on the area late Saturday evening. The low pressure system is forecasted to pack a bit of a punch with gale force winds gusting upwards to 60-knots […]

Winter Can Stop the Pranks

Could it be that winter didn’t get the memo that it’s time has come and gone? The answer is, apparently not. Even as Mainers flipped their calendars from the month of March to April, the movement further into spring did little to prevent the all but vanquished touch of winter from reaching back one more […]

Running for the Sea

Winter’s lack of cordiality hasn’t exactly endeared itself to Mainers in 2011. The season known for its frosty countenance has battered the coastal regions of Maine with heavy doses of cold and a barrage of snowstorms that buried the landscape under a deep snow-pack for nearly three months. Jack Frost’s icy touch also capped the […]

Another Day, Another Winter Storm

The calendar keeps marching toward spring and hints of a thaw have been felt in the air, but the gap of days in between still seems poised to deliver more of a mixed bag of winter weather until the time of budding warmth takes permanent hold. A storm bringing heavy rain and buffeting winds to […]

Hiding Under a Heavy Blanket of Snow

During the first part of February, I happened to visit Pemaquid Point Lighthouse at the beginning of yet another snowstorm. My goal was to linger for a little while in hopes of experiencing a slice of wintertime solitude before logic, and an ever-thickening white blanket, dictated otherwise. This snowstorm was not nearly as fierce as […]

Something Familiar can Appear so Different

More than any other season of the year, winter can exact abrupt contrasts upon our senses and emotions. What this frigid interlude provides in crystallized beauty to the eye, it inevitably takes away in comfort to the touch. It is fascinating to consider how such contrasts, though conflicted, are inseparable at the same time. Together […]

Snowstorm Sweeps over Coastal Maine with Concentrated Fury

For those of us who love winter and the cloak of snowfall that caps its icy reign, the promise of another round of snowy weather being carried up the coast by a January northeaster was rejuvenating to the spirit. Sixteen days have passed since the Blizzard of 2010 whipped its extensive breadth of frosty white […]