Maine Lighthouses Today

The majestic sentinels of the Maine coast, some of the most beautiful and storied in the nation, transcend time as they continue to stand “watch” over our rugged shorelines, islands – and in our hearts.

Holding more than the secrets of the sea within their walls, Maine’s lighthouses possess a fascinating ability to speak to us today in a silent but unmistakable language that stirs our emotions and imaginations in a most profound manner.

Maine Lighthouses Today

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Their mere presence points to a higher, benevolent purpose – one that is embraced by romance, mystery, drama, isolation, dedication and heroism. Ask over a hundred people what lighthouses mean to them, and it is very likely one will discover the meanings are as diverse as the people they touch.

Maine Lighthouses Today will shine a bright light on this amazing heritage and how lighthouses continue to inspire today’s populace to visit these stately edifices, learn more about their history, and lend a helping hand to their preservation.

Enjoy retracing the steps of the keepers and their families through the footprints of time, while pondering which beacons you may want to admire up close and personal on your next trip. You can also learn about heartwarming stories of how Maine’s lights are being saved today.

Maine’s lighthouses are still making history while holding a warm place in our hearts. May this “light” never be extinguished!

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