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Whether you live by the Maine coast or visit it whenever the opportunity arises, it’s safe to say there is at least one location by the sea that you consider special– a place that beckons you to return and linger within its presence time and again.

For my family and me, one of these amazing places is the Rockland Breakwater. Though the breakwater is in our “backyard,” we’ve come to learn that familiarity cannot douse the sense of wonderment this location inspires in our minds and hearts regardless of the number of visits.

In fact, the opposite is actually true. The more time we spend at the Rockland Breakwater, the more we learn about the many moods and fascinating moments this special place has to offer. There is simply no end to the unique sights and experiences at the breakwater. Some have that visible “wow” factor right before your eyes, while many others can be likened to “panning for gold” as you glean new discoveries by taking your time to look up, down and all around.

Rockland Harbor filled with seasmoke

© Bob Trapani, Jr.

Summertime offers the alluring sights of Midcoast Maine’s majestic windjammers, hardworking lobstermen harvesting the near waters, recreational sailboats, and the vessels of a fine working harbor that includes U.S. Coast Guard cutters and motor lifeboats, island ferries, and tug boats & barges. The breakwater is also a favorite for fishermen casting lines and those people who have a keen appreciation for admiring the shorebirds and seals that bask in and around the granite structure.

And of course, there is the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse on the very end of the breakwater – an historic sentinel of the sea that still sends out a guiding beam each night to help guide mariners safely to and fro. In the summer, the panoramic view from the top of the lighthouse is spectacular and well worth the walk out the breakwater!

Rockland Breakwater Light Reflectio

© Bob Trapani, Jr.

The sights and experiences at the Rockland Breakwater do not cease when the temperatures begin to plummet. During the solitude of winter, when nary a soul is around, the drama of a bitter northeast gale, with its winds that push raging seas up against the breakwater, is both a sight to respect and behold. And let’s not forget the tides as well, for on occasion; their voluminous reach, or all-out retreat, are memorable moments in their own right.

Moments in Maine offers you an opportunity to peruse and purchase a diverse selection of photos that offer unique views from Rockland Breakwater during all seasons and weather conditions. So we encourage you to “take that walk” wherever you’re at right now and see the Rockland Breakwater like you’ve never seen it before!

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