Favorite Places

Rockland Breakwater Light

© Bob Trapani, Jr.

Moments in Maine’s “Favorite Places” highlights some of our family’s – well, favorite places to spend time along the Maine coast.

No matter how many times you visit a place that “speaks” to your heart and mind, the wonderment never fades. The same can be said about new experiences, for there is always an opportunity to see something you have never seen before, despite knowing a number of these places quite well.

The secret is taking the time to linger and always staying curious…seeking out all the little things that often go unnoticed. These facets – regardless of their size or role, come together in amazing fashion to help create the sense of place we come to cherish at our favorite places.

Through photographs and sentiments, Moments in Maine’s “Favorite Places” share with you the many of the moods, sights and experiences from places like Rockland Breakwater, Marshall Point, Owls Head, and many more!

Featured Image

Moments in Maine Gallery: Sunrises &emdash; #SRS-006

Rockland Breakwater at Sunrise

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