Coastal Maine

With so much to cherish and enjoy along the Maine coast, residents and visitors alike find themselves irresistibly drawn to water’s edge time and again to bask in a natural beauty that uniquely captivates our hearts and imaginations.

Few experiences renew our spirit and satisfy the senses like those occasions when we can feel refreshing summer breezes, hear the brine tumble sea-polished stones along the shore, see sights like majestic windjammers and working harbors, and of course, taste the very best in Maine seafood!

Coastal Maine

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Even when the sparkle of summer ebbs with the changing seasons, the Maine coast remains a treasure-trove of wonderment and beauty. Who doesn’t find the power and fury of the winter northeast storm strangely alluring? Speaking of winter, when the season cloaks the coastline in a blanket of white, a different kind of magnificence begs to be admired.

Our Coastal Maine section will bring you a plethora of scenes through imagery and words that capture the grace and personalities of the seasons, as well as the heartbeat and traditions that thrive in Maine’s harbor communities and the natural accents that are discovered only where land ends and the sea begins.

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Penobscot Bay Grows Quiet

As I stood and looked out over Penobscot Bay from eighty feet above its familiar expanse on October 25th, it struck me how devoid of marine … [Read More...]

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Latest Storm Feature:

Every Storm Passes

With more leaves covering the ground than adorning the trees of late and the air growing brisker as the days grow shorter, it was only a … [Read More...]

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Moments in Maine Gallery: Rockland Breakwater Light &emdash; Rockland Breakwater Light #RBL-053

Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse

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