When Only the Light Remains on Center Stage

The sight of a beacon shining bright high atop a lighthouse is an alluring scene at any point in the day, but at no time is it more profound than at dusk, as the moment steadily melds into nightfall. When the beacon happens to be a gorgeous Fresnel lens like that of Fort Point Lighthouse […]

Penobscot Bay Grows Quiet

As I stood and looked out over Penobscot Bay from eighty feet above its familiar expanse on October 25th, it struck me how devoid of marine traffic the seascape had become. Of course summer is but a memory now, and even the last of autumn’s colorful personality is falling rapidly to the ground, but accepting […]

When a Working Harbor meets Leisure

The heartbeat of Rockland Harbor’s working waterfront never stops. This traditional connection to the sea not only keeps pace with the rhythmic tides of time, it thrives in a world of seaborne activity that ensures its signature sense of place remains ever-vibrant. From lobster boats and fishing trawlers to ferries and barges – windjammers, sailboats […]

Exquisite Beauty Aglow

There are those occasions when a scene is so captivating that it seems best admired by saying nothing. Such is the case with the beauty of a Fresnel lens aglow. While at Maine’s Owls Head Lighthouse recently, the opportunity presented itself to observe dusk meld into nightfall. At the center of twilight’s transition was the […]

Storm Warning Inspires a Look Back at the Patriots Day Gale Four Years Ago

The National Weather Service has issued a storm warning along the Maine coast for April 16, 2011 (and into the 17th) as a strong southeast flow bears down on the area late Saturday evening. The low pressure system is forecasted to pack a bit of a punch with gale force winds gusting upwards to 60-knots […]

Looking Back at a Winter Sunset Delight

I believe it is safe to say that most of us along the Maine coast are hoping that the last vestiges of winter are now behind us. It has been nearly a week since a northeast gale delivered yet another round of snow on April Fools’ Day, though thankfully, evidence of this frozen prank has […]

Winter Can Stop the Pranks

Could it be that winter didn’t get the memo that it’s time has come and gone? The answer is, apparently not. Even as Mainers flipped their calendars from the month of March to April, the movement further into spring did little to prevent the all but vanquished touch of winter from reaching back one more […]

A Frosty View of Cape Porpoise Harbor

Now that the annual mud season’s muck and mire has replaced most of the snow-pack, it is easy to forget that less than a month ago winter was showing no signs of relinquishing its bitter hold along the Maine coast. It was during the latter part of February when my family and I made a […]

Hiding Under a Heavy Blanket of Snow

During the first part of February, I happened to visit Pemaquid Point Lighthouse at the beginning of yet another snowstorm. My goal was to linger for a little while in hopes of experiencing a slice of wintertime solitude before logic, and an ever-thickening white blanket, dictated otherwise. This snowstorm was not nearly as fierce as […]

Arctic Sea Smoke

On January 24, 2011, the Midcoast Maine region endured its coldest day to date this winter. In Rockland, temperatures registered an icy -9 degrees by dawn, with a wind chill of -24 degrees that only served to add to the bitterness of the morning. Frigid scenes abounded along the coast, but none greater than the […]