Forget the Lobster Traps – Let’s Race!

Green landscapes and rising temperatures may be sure signs of summer, but along the Maine coast, there is one more indication that the season with the most fun in the sun has arrived – lobster boat races. With their powerful boats in tip-top shape, lobstermen look forward to participating in these races up and down […]

Theatre in the Sky

I try to make a habit of glancing skyward when I’m out and about, for the ever-changing sky is a dynamic “canvas” that can add a delightful spice to an otherwise familiar, everyday scene.  Time and again I have admired how dashes of the sun’s color, often times liberally applied through the crystal filter of […]

Memorial Day Weekend by Farm and Sea

The Memorial Day weekend along Maine’s Midcoast was a mix of fog and sun, but like everyone else, my family and I took advantage of the holiday and enjoyed as much relaxing downtime as possible. Here are a few scenes that caught our eye…

A Persistent Misty Mantle

The month of May began taking shape in such splendid form, graciously hosting spring’s profuse passion for green at every turn. Coastal landscapes had come alive with color – their vitality restored after a long, hard winter. All the while Maine’s harbors, inspired by the allure of spring’s warm overtures, witnessed an energetic hustle scampering […]

Brush Strokes of Spring in Full Swing

When spring first walked guardedly through the door in the annual change of seasons, activity along Maine’s harbors was barely detectable. A keen eye noticed subtle preparations designed to ready wharves, floating docks and moorings, but the majestic sailing schooners were still under wraps and the annual armada of pleasure craft had yet to arrive […]

Coastal Flavor of Way Downeast

With the calendar pointing to May 1st and the sun coaxing temperatures to climb near 60 degrees, the beckoning outdoors was just too alluring to pass up.  Where to go however was the million dollar question on such a delightful spring day.  Options abounded, but in the end, the family and I decided to meander […]

Storm Warning Inspires a Look Back at the Patriots Day Gale Four Years Ago

The National Weather Service has issued a storm warning along the Maine coast for April 16, 2011 (and into the 17th) as a strong southeast flow bears down on the area late Saturday evening. The low pressure system is forecasted to pack a bit of a punch with gale force winds gusting upwards to 60-knots […]

Looking Back at a Winter Sunset Delight

I believe it is safe to say that most of us along the Maine coast are hoping that the last vestiges of winter are now behind us. It has been nearly a week since a northeast gale delivered yet another round of snow on April Fools’ Day, though thankfully, evidence of this frozen prank has […]

Winter Can Stop the Pranks

Could it be that winter didn’t get the memo that it’s time has come and gone? The answer is, apparently not. Even as Mainers flipped their calendars from the month of March to April, the movement further into spring did little to prevent the all but vanquished touch of winter from reaching back one more […]

Supermoon Ushers in the Start of Spring

In the tradition of changing seasons, winter officially passed its torch to spring on March 20, 2011. Such a transition is usually met with a singular focus of joy, but instead found itself somewhat of an afterthought. On the last day of winter, the public was preoccupied with the highly anticipated rise of a supermoon […]