Morning Color Delight

As I stood upon the sands of Lincolnville Beach on the morning of October 22nd, I found myself assessing the cloud cover and wondering if it just might allow some morning cheer to dance across the bay before the gray curtain in the sky lowered altogether.

Sunrise at Lincolnville Beach

Sunrise offered up some wonderful color at Lincolnville Beach. © Bob Trapani, Jr.

For on this day, though the clouds were forecast to remain thick and firmly in place, there was an encouraging gap left open on the eastern horizon for watching the sun’s magnificent ascent. Moments later, my sunrise question was answered in delightful fashion as signs of its grand entrance suddenly flared up over the island of Islesboro.

Purples, pinks and yellows were splashed upon the overcast canvas above, while liquid pink shimmered atop the soaked sands where the ebb tide’s withdrawal was nearly complete. Seconds later the star of the show burst onto the scene with its usual brilliance and charm as a small fleet of lobster boats lay quiet at their moorings.

The speed of this show of light and color marched on quickly, and in just a few minutes, the hues were doused as the sun’s ascension exceeded the boundaries of transparency on the horizon. Walking back to my vehicle, the mood over the seascape turned decidedly glum, but no matter, for the new day was already ushered in with a memorable dose of cheer to start my morning off on the right foot!

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